What is the best way to use Lebara Sim Only in Holland And are they the cheapest one offering these services?

Lebara expands her sim only offer. As of today you can also choose for a 10 GB data bundle in combination with unlimited calling. With the new bundle, the price for the highest unlimited data bundle changes. The provider has been focusing on international traffic for years. It is the ideal provider for those who often call abroad from our country.

  • Lebara’s offer is simple and extensive. With the new 10 GB data bundle, the advantage provider offers something for everyone. All sim only subscriptions of this provider are made for the frequent caller. Now that the choice of data quantity has been broadened, Lebara is becoming a more attractive sim-only provider for everyone. A special advantage of this provider is that as a customer you can opt for monthly cancellations at no extra cost. Because Lebara charges the same prices for a monthly cancellation or a two-year subscription.

Lebara expands sim only offer

As of Monday February 11th, Lebara also has a 10 GB bundle. Previously, the offer was limited to unlimited calling and texting in combination with 5 GB, 7 GB or unlimited data. The inexpensive 5 GB data subscription costs only 10 euro per month if you choose the international version. For 10 euros more you get 10 GB of data and the unlimited data subscription now costs 25 euros a month. The budget provider keeps the prices for a monthly or two year subscription the same. Most providers like Tele2 charge extra for monthly cancellations.

About Lebara

Lebara has been offering attractive subscriptions for years for those who call abroad a lot. The basic sim only subscriptions can be used nationally and also within the EU. If you choose for an international sim only subscription, you can also call abroad from the Netherlands.

Fair Use Policy
As with many other providers with unlimited bundles and high data bundles, you are limited in data usage within the EU. Depending on the data subscription, Lebara offers up to 2.5 GB usage in the EU with a 5 GB subscription up to 5.4 GB for people with an unlimited data subscription. This limitation is slightly wider for the International subscriptions and ranges from 4.1 GB to 6.8 GB.

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